Horrid Week Tidbits

Sourced from CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

This is a follow up on yesterday’s chirp about all the events that occurred, last week, that made Trump’s life even worse. Let’s not forget that Monday was a holiday.

Enrique Tarrio got 22 years. He had been offered a plead deal which would have been half the years he got sentenced. he gambled and lost.

Peter Navarro was found guilty of contemp. Bad week for Peter. He has been pleading for funds while getting harassed by a protester with the video going viral.

The IT person at Mar-a-Lago has flipped and will testify against Trump. Of course, Trump will say he hardly knows the guy and he is a liar, just like every other Republican who will be testifying against Trump. Also, when the video supports the IT person Trump will back on his ‘don’t believe what you see’ stance.

Carroll wins her second defamation suit. Given that Trump does not know tro quit when he is behind, no doubt a third, fourth and fifth suit will follow.

The DC Grand Jury is back in session. More indictments to follow. The gift that keeps on giving.

Fani Willis gives a scathing response to Jim Jordan. She took him to the woodshed, spanked him and made him look like a moron. Well done, Fani.

Mark Meadows’ trial will be in state court. This weakens Trump’s argument to be tried in Federal Court. Meadows’ trial will now be televised. Trump is looking at the same thing.

Have a great Sunday.

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