His Own People

Republicans are fond of saying that all the investigations on Trump is just left-wing garbage due to the left’s desire to punish Trump. They keep sidestepping the fact that all the evidence piled up on Trump came from people who either voted for him or worked for him, in some capacity. Anyone watching the January 6 Committee hearings would have noted this about all the witnesses who testified. Well, not all. Some of the witnesses were Capitol Police who were attacked by the January 6 insurrectionists. But, I think the point is made.

The latest example of this is Molly Michael, a former Executive assistant of Trump. She was hired in 2018 and resigned last year due to Trump’s handling of the classified documents. Michael claims that Trump very well knew what was in the boxes of documents. When National Archives started asking about classified documents, 90 boxes of documents were moved to a storage room. Michael indicated that Trump knew about the move because he was shown photos of the 90 boxes in the storage room. Michael would get toi do lists from Trump, where she noted that the lists were on documents that had ‘classified’ markings on them.

Most damning to Trump was when Michael informed Trump that she would be interviewed by the FBI, as part of their investigation. Trump’s response to Michael was to tell the FBI,

“You don’t know anything about the boxes.”

It just gets worser and worser for Donnie (excuse the poor grammar).

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