Saving Kevin’s Bacon

It took 15 rounds of votes for Kevin to become House Speaker. This is a job hje long desired. In the first days, following January 6, Kevin put the blame on the insurrection on Trump. Then he saw that the Trumpkins still supported Trump. Kevin wanted the Speakership so bad that he went to Mar-a-Lago later in January on bended knee. Like I said, Kevin really, really wanted that Speakership.

The red wave in 2022 failed to materialize. As a result, the Republicans won by the slimmest of majorities, lead by that stalwart and former Superbowl MVP, George Santos. Kevin wanted the Speakership, and he sold his soul to get it after 15 rounds. He has been held hostage by the lunatic Right-Wing of the House, ever since.

Now, the Government is facing a shutdown, at the end of September. Things have gotten so bad (as per my soap chirps earlier this week) that Kevin has had two procedural votes to have votes Pentagon (defense) spending fail. Now this was not a vote on total government spending. This was not even a vote on Pentagon spending. This was a vote TO HAVE A VOTE on Pentagon spending. This vote failed not once, but twice.

Kevin has now adjourned Congress for a week. That means, Congress will not get back in session until October. Government funding (the budget) has toi be approved by the end of September or the Government shuts down. Oooookay.

There is a move afoot, by moderate Republicans, to get together with Democrats to cobble together a budget plan, that would pass Congress, get approved by the Senate and signed off by President Biden. Essentially, this would save Kevin’s bacon. Problem is, the lunatic right-wing have already said that if these moderates go ahead with this plan, the lunatics will make sure these moderates are primaried out in 2024. The lunacy of this is that many of these moderates hold seats in swing districts. If they are primaried out, they would be replaced by extreme right-wing candidates, giving the Democrat candidate a better chance of winning the swing district. This would give the Democrats a House majority.

The inmates have truly taken over the asylum. Furthermore, even if the moderates went ahead anyways, would Kevin really want his bacon saved. Pushing this bipartisan budget would likely cost Kevin his Speakership. Getting a headache. Enjoy the weekend.

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