Obvious Difference

Short chirp today Rushing off to do a book signing

This is Bob Menendez. Democrat Senator from New Jersey. He has been indicted for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for his influence. This is the second such incident. He was charged on bribery and conspiracy, amongst other charges, back in 2015. He was tried and acquited, back then.

He is receiving calls to resign from his DEMOCRAT colleagues, including the Democrat Governor from New Jersey. This is the difference between Democrats and the Trump Republican cult. George Santos is still in congress. For the most part his Republican colleagues, while not necessarily giving full throated support for Santos, have stayed relatively quiet.

Leaving with one more extreme example. Back in 2006 Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken resigned after accusations of inappropriate touching. He resigned. Yet, we have Donald Trump and his loyal cult. ‘Grab em by the pu#$y’ accused rapist Donald Trump. Need I say more?

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