Happens Here Too

There is so much to chirp about again today. The Trump mental breakdown continues, Cassady Hutchinson’s new book coming out with astounding accusations. Tensions between Russia and the US increasing with Russians saying US bases are fair game for attack. However, there is a chirp that needs attention because it strikes home, because it happened in our home country.

On our high perch we look down at all the racism that seemed to become more obvious, in the US, once Trump got elected, back in 2016. We all remember Charlottesville 2017,

“Jews will not replace us – blood and soil.”

We have our own. There have been signs posted in the Coquitlam area of BC,. While I am unable to post the sign for some reason, the words, on the poster, are as follows.

“Are you looking for somewhere your children can play with others that look like them? Are they tired of being a minority in their schools or daycares? Escape forced ‘diversity’ and join other proud parents of European children as we create an atmosphere in which our kids can feel like they belong. Invest in your child’s sense of well being and racial identity by giving them the gift of time spent amongst their own people – because they deserve it.”

The poster also has the following link,

 “White Tri Cities Parents and Tots” 

Many of these posters have, justifiably, been ripped down. The City of Coquitlam, immediately issued a press release that included the following paragraphs,

The City of Coquitlam is deeply committed to fostering an environment of equity, diversity and inclusion for all its residents. We are aware of the exclusionary and racist notices posted in our community, promoting activities that run counter to these principles.

The notice in question promotes activities that explicitly exclude certain groups based on their racial background, this is the definition of racism. We want to make it unequivocally clear that such practices and sentiments have no place in our city. Discrimination and prejudice have no place in our society, as they run contrary to the values that we uphold as a community.

Canada, we really have to pick up our game. If you think this is an American issue, you would be wrong. Having worked with First Nations, in another life, I have seen racism firsthand. If you live in multiracial communities such as Toronto or Vancouver, you have seen it too. The difference between Canada and the US is that racism has started to seep into the mainstream, in the US. Since Trump, it has been given greater legitimacy. All it would take is a change in leadership for it to happen here. The signs (no pun intended) are already showing. Also, just ask the LGBTQ community if they have not felt more under attack lately.

All I got for today.

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