The Face? Really?

From CNN website

Up until yesterday morning, this was the face of the Republican Party.

First you have Donald Trump. President for four insane years and now hands down leader to be the next Republican candidate for President in 2024. Donald Trump, indicted four times in eight months. Donald Trump, found guilty of sexually assaulting E. Jean Carroll. Donald Trump, having to pay damages to Carroll, for defamation, not once, but twice. Donald Trump, whose organization is being sued for $250 million. Donald Trump, who is so upset about his organization being sued because it will reveal him, not to be a successful businessman, but a fraud. Donald Trump, who received the first, of what will likely be, many gag orders, yesterday.

Next, you have Kevin McCarthy. The first House Speaker to have his seat vacated. It took Kevin 15 votes to get voted in as House Speaker. Kevin sold the store to extremists such as Matt Gaetz to get the Speakership. Kevin needed more votes from Democrats that from Republicans, last Saturday, to keep the government going, for another 45 days. It only took eight extremist Republicans yesterday to take Kevin down.

Last night Kevin gave a speech that was very painful to watch. Kevin was upset that the Democrats did not vote to keep him as Speaker. Well Kevin, the Democrats did support you, after you made certain promises, to raise the debt ceiling, earlier this year. You broke those promises right after. In the midst of the government funding crisis, Kevin, you decided to start an impeachment hearing on Joe Biden. You did this even though there was and still is no evidence that Biden committed an impeachable offense. But worst of all, Kevin, right after you blamed Trump for January 6, you went down to Mar-a-Lago to kiss his ring. That picture up above look familiar Kevin.

The 45 day deadline is now down to 41. Kevin, your party is not going to reconvene House until there are 34 days left to another potential government shutdown. One would have thought that those who brought you down would have had a ‘now what do we do’ plan. The fate of the Republican Party is now in the hands of lowlifes such as Trump, Gaetz and Lauren Boobert (yes, I know how I spelt her name). All those who voted for these clowns must be so proud.

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