Trump Sinks Lower

A couple of days ago, I did a chirp about remarks made by war hero and former Trump Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Kelly confirmed rumours about Trump’s callous attitudes towards those who served in the military, calling them ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’, as well as questioning ‘what was in it for them’. Trump made these remarks knowing full well that Kelly had lost a son, while serving in Afghanistan.

Of course, Trump went on the attack. A brutal attack.

“John Kelly, by far the dumbest of my Military people, just picked up the theme of the Radical Left’s lying about Gold Star Families and Soldiers, in his hatred of me. He was incapable of doing a good job, it was too much for him, and I couldn’t stand the guy, so I fired him like a ‘dog.’ He had no heart or respect for people, so I hit him hard—Made no difference to me.”

“He’s a Lowlife with a very small brain and a very big mouth. Interestingly, before firing him, his wife, who suffered a lot, told me he would never speak badly about ‘President Trump.’ Wrong!”

“Numerous people are angry and upset because they know they will never be in a new Trump Administration, but only for one reason, they’re not nearly good enough. Kelly would be among those at the top of the list.”

Trump sickens me. I have no respect for him whatsoever. He is a selfish narcissist who takes anyone and everyone who does not fawn over him. I also find it difficult to respect anyone who supports him. How can anyone support him? Ending this chirp before I lose it.

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