Will Get Worse

Attribution to Eric Gaba

This is a moment where cooler heads need to prevail. But it is not going to happen. Over 500 Israelis have died from the Hamas attacks. Thousands have been injured. An unknown number including women and children have been taken hostage and spirited into Gaza.

Israel has vowed revenge, and they will get it. They will go into Gaza. Netanyahu has already stated that Israel will go into Gaza and subdue it. Thousands will die. Hamas is known for mixing with the civilian population. The Hamas attackers did not wear uniforms. The Israeli attack force will likely kill civilians who do not support the Hamasa attack.

It was interesting to watch the news coverage yesterday. Watching both CNN and MSNBC. This was for a specific segment of time and coverage may have varied. But while watching CNN a number of guests, provided an Israeli perspective while on MSNBC, a number of guests provided a Palestinian perspective. This is not a judgement just a statement of what I saw during that time of day.

The thing is, if and when, this calms down, both perspectives have to be taken into account. If there ever is going to be a lasting peace, both sides have to walk away from the table being comfortable, if not completely satisfied with the solution. Is this ever going to happen. Attempts have been made in the past with no success I can’t see it happening in my lifetime. So much more blood will be shed. All I got.

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