Never Seen Before

Sourced from CNN website (Photo by Ashraf Amra/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A vicious never ending cycle. This cycle has reached new heights. CNN reporter, Clarissa Ward, put it best,

“Never seen anything like this.”

An attack by Hamas on Saturday morning that intelligence agencies completely missed. 700 Israeli citizens killed, so far. Most of those killed were civilians, not soldiers. 100 Israeli citizens taken to Gaza as hostages, most of these women and children. None of the above, at this scale, ever seen before.

A Friday night, all-night dance party/music festival celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot near the Israel/Gaza border attacked by Hamas. So far 260 bodies discovered at the site. Israeli’s fleeing to shelters used to protect them from rocket attacks, only to be shot down by Hamas attackers.

Israel reacting by shutting down Gaza, cutting citizens off from electricity, food and water. Israel reacting by mercilessly bombing Gaza in advance of an expected ground attack. The end result being a horrific loss of life by citizens on both sides at a scale never seen before.

This will eventually end, a tense peace will occur, for a short while. But the anger and hatred, on both sides, will only increase, likely at a level never seen before. Even as this is being chirped, Israeli military has launched attacks in Lebanon, the country bordering Israel to the North.

The leaders, of Hamas, surely must of noon that Israel would extract revenge, putting the citizens of Gaza in massive danger. But Hamas attacked yesterday. Russia and Iran have expressed full support for the attack. The US, Canada and the West have expressed full support for Israel.

Of course, in the middle of this carnage Trump comes out with a ‘never would have happened if I was President’ post. Idiot. This cycle needs to end. How to end it? Nobody knows.

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