Putin Responds

Attribution to Kremlin.ru

While most of the world is reacting in horror to the slaughter of around 1,000 civilians in Israel and the anticipated Israeli revenge in Gaza, resulting in more slaughter, Congress is fiddling around. They have no speaker, in part because the hardline right wants no more funding for Ukraine. Because Congress is shut down, due to Republican ineptitude, emergency funding for Israel is frozen until the Republicans figure it out.

The hardliners, lead by head cheerleader, Tucker Carlson, think that Putin is not a bad guy. Trump even called him a genius for the way Putin tried to invade Ukraine. Well this not bad guy had the following things to say about the Hamas attack into Israel.

“I think that many people will agree with me that this is a vivid example of the failure of United States’ policy in the Middle East.”

(The U.S) “tried to monopolize regulating [the conflict], but was unfortunately unconcerned with finding compromises acceptable for both sides.”

Tucker and the rest of you wing-nuts, this is your hero, your nice guy. This Hamas attack is playing right into Putin’s hands. As Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy puts it,

“Russia is interested in triggering a war in the Middle East, so that a new source of pain and suffering could undermine world unity, increase discord and contradictions, and thus help Russia destroy freedom in Europe

He is exactly right. Meanwhile Congress is playing the violin while Israel burns.

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