Genie Out?

Sourced from CNN website – Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

Two weeks ago. Hamas attacked Israel. Over 1,400 Israelis were killed and over 200 Israelis, and others were taken hostage. Israel, in their desire to rid themselves of Hamas, has constantly bombed Gaza, resulting in over 2,000 deaths. They have warned over one million living in Northern Gaza to evacuate in advance of a planned Israeli ground invasion. The infrastructure in Gaza, including the health infrastructure is in crisis.

President Biden was on the way to Israel, yesterday, to meet with Jewish and Arab leaders, with his agenda being to reconcile the conflict. Then a rocket landed on a hospital, in Gaza, killing over 300 people. Everything has changed. Hamas immediately stated that the explosion was due to an Israeli rocket. Israel states that it has evidence that the rocket was launched by a Palestinian terrorist group and accidentally landed on the hospital. President Biden, now in Israel, says that he has seen the evidence and is certain that the rocket was not Israeli (from the other team).

The damage has been done, though. It has gone to the realm of ‘I will believe what I want to believe’. The Us is quite familiar with this, given the Trump lies and MAGA supporters believing what they choose to believe.

The Arab leaders have called off their meetings with Biden. Massive protests, such as the image above, in Lebanon, are exploding, throughout the Arab world. Biden, in speeches this morning, is giving is full-throated support, for Israel. Even though Biden is certain that the rocket was not from Israel, certain Congress Members of his own party are still blaming Israel for the rocket attack.

What happens now. The US has two Carrier Groups in the Eastern Mediterranean, to serve as a deterrent to states and organizations thinking of attacking Israel. Hezbollah has ten times the armaments that Hamas has. There have been skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israel on Israel’s Northern border. So far, that is all it has been, skirmishes. US embassies in those Arab countries where protests are occurring are at risk of being attacked. To put it mildly, the Middle East is a powder keg. One spark could set the whole thing off. the linchpin, right now, could be Hezbollah. If they stand quiet right now, things might calm down. If Israel does not invade Gaza, things could calm down. But the desire for Israeli vengeance remains high. As President Biden stated, the Hamas attack was like 15 911’s. Americans remember the shock and the desire for vengeance, after the 911 attack.

Meanwhile, back in the US, the Republican led Congress fiddles while the Middle East burns.

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