Trump’s Worst week Yet

From CNN website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Trump has has a series of bad weeks, but tgis week has to be his worst week yet. How bad was it?

He backed Gym Jordan for House Speaker. Jordan lost three Speakership votes. Then, in a secret vote, the Republicans in the basement of the Capitol voted Jordan ‘outta here’ Bye-bye Gym.

Trump was issued a gag order by Judge Chutkan ordering Trump not to go after the Special Prosecutors team, potential witness and court staff. In the only good news for the week, this gag order is on hold while Team Trump appeals the order.

Trump was fined $5,000 for violating a gag order in the Trump Org. fraud case. A post claiming that one of the court staff was the girlfriend of Democrat senate Majority Leader Schumer was still up on Trump’s website, after it had been ordered to be taken down. Trump Team lawyers profusely apologized and blamed it on thre Trump poilitical machine. The judge, in response, stated that Trump is responsible for his political machine and if it happens again, it will mean jail time.

Trump was at the fraud trial for a couple of days this week. One day he made so much noise that the judge basically told him to shut up. Trump was not pleased. Trump uses the triual to make scathing remarks to the media during breaks in the trial. He did not get the air play he desired this week given the events, in Israel, overshadowing him.

But, the best (worst) was saved for the end of the week. Trump lawyer, Sydney Powell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor crimes she committed in the Georgia fake electors case. Basically, she admitted that crimes were committed. She also agreed to testify against her co-defendants, including Trump, in all future trials. He guilty plea resulted in probation. However, if she does not testify truthfully, the plea bargain is yanked and she will go to jail Bad news for Trump. But…

Then comes, Ken Chesboro. He pleads guilty on Friday to a felony charge of conspiracy to commit filing false documents. As per State Prosecutor Daysha Young,

“The defendant provided detailed instructions to co-conspirators in Georgia and other states for creating and distributing these false documents … in coordination with (the Trump campaign)”

This charge connects directly to the Trump campaign. Chesboro, like Powell, is required to testify truthfully in future trials or else have the plea bargain yanked.

It is rumoured that Trump staff at Mar-a-Lago are still cleaning up ketchup stains off the walls. Enjoy your Saturday.

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