Destroy From Within

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There was this orange haired guy who went down an escalator back in 2015 and declared himself as a candidate for President. Putin, in the ongoing war between democracy and autocracy found his useful idiot. He was handed an opportunity to destroy America from within. Russia did all it could to make sure that this useful idiot would win the 2016 election. Misinformation bots were employed in full force, on Face Book and Twitter. Emails were leaked. The useful idiot even asked Russia to release emails of the opponent of the useful idiot. The useful idiot became President.

Trumpism, with the ongoing aid of Russian bots, was born and flourished. Other useful idiots were found such as Tucker Carlson, hero of Russian tv. Divisiveness, with the help of the useful idiot, began to grow.

“There are good people on both sides.”

With Trumpism came other useful idiots such as Lauren ‘let me play with your____’ Boebert and Matt Gaetz. Reason did seem to take hold in the 2020 election. Joe Biden became President. But no, the useful idiot did not go away. Without any evidence to support his claim and despite over 60 court decisions, saying so, the useful idiot claimed the election was stolen. January 6 happened. The division grew. Democracy was being strained to the limit.

Over a thousand that were in Washington, on January 6, were arrested and jailed. Almost all of them claimed that they were just doing what the useful idiot wanted. The useful idiot himself has since received four indictments. Even with all this and with the help of useful idiot Rupert Murdoch and his media empire, the useful idiot is still a stronger contender for President in 2024.

Then the 2022 elections happened. the republicans won a narrow majority in the House. Kevin McCarthy became Speaker after 15 rounds of votes. A new divisiveness began, this time within the ranks of the Republican Party. Useful idiot Matt Gaetz came into the picture and now there has been no Speaker for over two weeks and a budget shutdown is looming within a month.

Useful idiot Jim Jordan comes into play. He has already lost two votes for Speaker and despite losing more and more votes he vows to continue his push to be Speaker. Meanwhile one of the three branches of the US government remains broken. Meanwhile funding for Israel and Ukraine, both enemies of Putin, remains stalled.

Yesterday, Sydney Powell took a plea deal. Useful idiot Trump is in bigger trouble and his MAGA supporters are even more enflamed. Trump may not win the 2024 election. He might even end up in jail. But Trumpism looks like it is here to stay.

Good job Vlad. You have gotten America to tear itself from within.

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