Trumpism – Here We Are

From CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

The Speakership mess, now going on day 20is the perfect example of the Republican Partyturning into the Trump Party. Total paralysis.

The White House, under Trump, was a circus for four years. Republican Party ideals were trampled on. Deficits exploded, even before Covid. Remember the one trillion dollar deficit explosion so that Trump could cut taxes for himself and his rich cronies? Remember how he believed in KGB Putin over his own intelligence agencies? While Ronald Reagan called Putin’s ilk the evil empire Trump was singing ‘Come Together’. Trump, with Putin’s help won in 2016. Things got darker. Trump wanting to shoot protesters in the knees and wanting toi send cruise missiles into Mexico.

Trump has brought his sh#tshow to Congress and to the country. Republican Congressmen and their wives have been receiving death threats. over the last 20 days for not supporting the ‘right’ candidate. Matt Gaetz, a Trump crony, brought down Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz is now persona non grata within his own Republican Conference. Now that McCarthy is done, Scalise done, Jordan down, there are 9 candidates vying for the Speakership. Some with alleged ties to White Nationalists and none of them women. They will have their own internal candidates forum tonight and will have an internal vote tomorrow. There is so much political and personal infighting right now that it will take a miracle for the Republican Congress to unite behind one candidate. So Trump and his Trumpism has now overtaken the Republican Congress.

Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, put it this way.

“This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen because if we don’t have a speaker of the House, we can’t govern. And every day that goes by, we’re essentially shut down as a government.” 

What a freaking circus.

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