This Will Be Fun

Attribution to The Circus

Donald Trump has had a bad few days. Worse than usual. Both Sydney Powell and Ken Chesebro, former Trump lawyers, pled guilty, last week, and will now testify against him in the Georgia fake electors case. Trump also lost his temper last week at the New York, Trump org, fraud trial, last week and was given a dressing down by the judge.

Today, former Trump fixer and now avowed enemy, Michael Cohen, will be testifying at the fraud trial and Trump has stated that he will be there. Cohen worked at the Trump Org. for years and if anyone has the goods on Trump it is Cohen. There is no love lost between the two. When Cohen testified before Congress, Trump basically, in his mafioso style, called Cohen a rat.

Cohen was supposed to testify on October 17, but cancelled out at the last minute, due to illness. Trump gloated that Cohen ‘didn’t have the guts’ to face him. Cohen shot back,

“If I was afraid of Donald, I wouldn’t have written 2 NYT bestsellers, testified before the Mueller team, seven congressional committees, 23 appearances before the Manhattan DA, and provided information to the NYAG that is the basis of this trial. Looking forward to seeing you in court very soon!”

The sparks are going to fly. Cohen, I am sure, when testify, will make sure to get his jabs. It will be very hard for Trump, who is used to getting his own way, to keep his temper. If this were to be carried live on tv, it would be a ratings hit. Enjoy the day.

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