Will He Agree?

From CNN website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Donald Trump’s trial, in Georgia, whenever it happens, will be televised. Georgia allows State trials to be televised. Currently, Federal trials are not televised. NBC News, along with 19 media orgamizations and press advocacy groups have submitted filings requesting that the Trump Washington DC trial be televised. As per NBC News,

“The American public has an extraordinary interest in seeing and hearing this trial of former President Trump. If ever a trial were to be televised, this one should be, for the benefit of the American people.”

The Judge presiding over that case, Judge Chutkan, has asked both the prosecutors and Team Trump, to file submissions as to their thoughts on whether the trial should be televised. The prosecutors must make their submission by November 3 while Team Trump has a November 10 deadline date.

Things are falling apart for Trump. He is looking bad in the Trump Org, New York, fraud case and four of his co-defendants in the Georgia case have already taken guilty pleas. Trump, given the narcissist that he is, claims that he would love to have the trial televised. Prosecutors, so far, are not so excited about the idea. No reasons have yet to be given as to why.

I really hope Team Trump and the prosecutors both agree. Even if they do so, rules would still have to be amended to allow the trial to be televised.

The trial begins March 4. If the trial is televised, I will be stocking up on popcorn. During March, I usually watch the NCAA ‘Big Dance’. I might have to give that a pass this year. To use an old cliche, a televised Trump trial would be ‘must see tv’.

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