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Some of you may have seen some of my Haiku of late. this is the one I did today. Three weeks ago, Hamas went into Israel and massacred 1,400 civilians, many of them children. It was the worst slaughter of the Jewish population, since the holocaust. Israel’s leaders decided to end Hamas, once and for all. They have attempted to do so by bombing the crap out of Gaza and by ground incursions. Yesterday, in what Israel says was a successful strike against Hamas leadership, the refugee camp of Jabalya, in Northern Gaza, was struck. It is estimated that hundreds of civilians, many of them children, were killed. Pictures of children carrying injured children are circulating the net. As a result of the strike, some countries are cutting diplomatic relations with Israel.

Disinformation, on social media, is king these days. Look at Donald Trump and his loyal band of misinformed followers. A hospital was bombed in Gaza, a couple of weeks ago. Israel was immediately blamed. It eventually came out that the rocket that hit the hospital was an errant one fired from inside Gaza. But the damage was done. Large protests flamed in a number of Middle East countries. Hamas continues to push the message that it was an Israeli rocket, and many choose to believe.

Thousands, in Gaza, have died. Many of them children. Hamas might eventually be destroyed. But how many more thousands/tens of thousands will die before it happens. When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, Hussein was eventually deposed. But the number of various terrorist groups that exploded from the invasion exploded. The same thing will happen here. The sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and parents of those killed will never forgive Israel, no matter how noble Israel believes its cause to be. The anger that Israel feels today will be more than matched by the anger in Gaza. Hamas might be destroyed. Butmany more similar groups will rise from the ashes.

Another way needs to be found. Somehow or other.

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