Losing It

Trump keeps harping on how Biden is losing it. Well in the past couple of weeks, Trump has stated he is far ahead of Obama, in the polls. In Sioux City, Iowa he thought he was in Sioux Falls. He stated that Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary was the Prime Minister of Turkey. He had trouble saying the word ‘terrorism’. He also keeps calling Hamas, ‘hummus’.

Also he mixed up 2016 rival Jeb Bush with former President, Geore Bush.

“When I came here, everyone thought Bush was going to win. They thought Bush because Bush supposedly was a military person… he got us into the, uh, he got us into the Middle East. How did that work out, right?”

With the pressure of all the trials and knowing he needs to win the Presidency, or else face jail, this deterioration in his mental capacity will increase. The election is 12 months away. He might be forced to withdraw by his own party.

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