Gong Shows

This is Chuck Barris. Back in the 1970’s, he was the host of a show called ‘The Gong Show’ It was an amateur talent contest show. The least said about it, the better.

Yesterday was Monday and just being a Monday is a gong show, in itself. The start of a work week, the weekend far away. However, yesterday was special.

Donald Trump was on the stand yesterday in the Trump Org. fraud trial and he made a mockery of it. He turned it, or he tried to turn into a political rally. He would give long rambling speeches to yes or no questions. He insulted the judge and the Attorney General, while on the stand. His lawyer was upset because the Judge yelled at her. It was an overall gong show. It is obvious that Trump was playing to the court of public opinion. All fine and dandy in that respect. But in this civil trial where the Judge will decide the fate of Trump Org. and the amount of penalties that may be shelled out, Trump bombed. If Trump does get elected in 2024, he will turn American democracy into a gong show, before he destroys it.

Well, there is always Monday night. Time to relax and watch some sports. The Monday Night Football game was boring as heck, so there is that. Then my home team Edmonton Oilers started their game at 8 pm. The Oilers were picked to be a legitimate Stanley Cup contender this year. By the end of the first period, they were already down 3-1 and would eventually 6-2. The Oilers have won two games in 11 starts and Connor McDavid has not scored a goal in seven games. Their goaltenders right now could not stop a beachball. The Oilers had hoped to have home-ice advantage for the playoffs. They might not even make the playoffs. In the words of former NFL coach Jim Mora, in a response to a question,

“Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game…”

Have a nice Tuesday.

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