A couple of days ago, I had a chirp about Donald Trump leading the polls in five of six swing states. Yesterday, there was a national poll showing Trump leading by three points. So, what happens last night in an off year election night?

There were three hot-button states to look at. Andy Beshear, Democrat Governor of Kentucky was hoping to win again in deep-red state Kentucky, where his opponent was a Mitch McConnell protege. Glenn Youngkin, Republican non-Maga Governor of Virginia was hoping to have the Virginia Senate and Congress have Republican majority wins. By doing so he could enact strict abortion legislation and become a viable candidate for the Republican presidential primaries. In Ohio, Republicans were hoping that a vote to enshrine abortion rights in the State of Ohio Constitution would be soundly defeated.

Of course, Beshear won in Kentucky by 15 points, the Virginia House and Senate both have a Democrat majority and Ohioans voted to enshrine abortion rights in their State Constitution. Pundits are already blaming Trump for causing these results. Two big losers of the night Trump and polling organizations stating that Trump is leading in the polls. Nothing makes sense anymore.

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