Georgia On His Mind

To make the case for a Trump indictment, intent has to be shown Did Trump know that there was no election fraud. Did Trump knowing this, intentionally deceived the American public into believing that there was election fraud.

The Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, in her ever-expanding case, is seeking information from two research firms, Trump commissioned, in 2020, to investigate election fraud. His campaign paid over one million dollarrs to these two firms, those being, Berkely Research Group and Simpatico Software Systems. Both firms found no election fraud. as per Simpatico founder, Ken Block,

“No substantive voter fraud was uncovered in my investigations looking for it, nor was I able to confirm any of the outside claims of voter fraud that I was asked to look at.”

The findings of these two firms were presented to Trump before his ‘perfect call’ asking for 11,780 votes. Trump knew there was no fraud before making the call HE KNEW! This shows intent and it opens up another can of works for Trump. There are so many such cans that Trump should open up a bait shop.

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