It Is Fixed

Bullies do not like admitting that they lost at anything. If they do lose at something they will discredit the loss. When Trump ran for President in 2016, he proclaimed that if he lost to Clinton, it would be because the election was rigged. Much to the shock of everyone, including Trump, himself, he won. In 2020, he set the stage for an election loss by again saying it would be due to the election being rigged. He complained about mail-in ballots. He complained about adjustments made due to the COVID pandemic.

We all know what happened when the vote count started turning against him Early in the morning after the election, he declared himself the winner and demanded that all ballot counting cease. At the time he was ahead but countless ballots still were to be counted. It was so farcical that he demanded that the vote count in Pennsylvania and Georgia be stopped yet the vote count in Arizona (where he was behind) continue. After the final results came out, Trump launched a two-month campaign to overturn the results, culminating in the January 6 insurrection. He did this even though people have testified that, in private, he admitted that he lost.

Trump is doing it again. This time he is doing it in relation to the upcoming trial relating toi the events leading up to January 6. He is already requesting a change in venue. He says he can not win a trial in Washington DC. He wants the venue moved to West Virginia, where he won by a huge majority in both 2016 and 2020. On the other hand, he is quite happy with the classified documents trial being held near his home, in Mar-a-Lago. He also wants the judge removed, in part because she was appointed by Obama. Yet again he is happy with the judge relating to the classified documents case, given that she was appointed by Trump.

Trump has been so used to fixing the game in his favour. He was not able to do so in the 2020 election. His attempts to do so has resulted in him facing trial for it. He is trying to fix this game as well. He is attacking nearly everyone connected to the January 6 trial including the judge, potential witness, including Mike Pence, and the jury to be appointed. However, he will not be able to fix this game. In fact, he is already facing blowback given his ‘I’ll come after you’ Truth Social post. This time, if he loses and he likely will, given the evidence, he will end up in prison.

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