In Denial

There is this movie, back in 1975, where this disillusioned anchorman, played by Peter Finch, fed up with life and world events, shouts out,

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

I think there is a growing segment of the population that is fed up with the denialism of the Republican Party, especially the Trump wing of the party and the associated base. The same could be said for the devout more extreme right-wing base of Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party, in Canada.

They deny that climate change is a real thing, even though we just went through the hottest July in possibly the 100,000 years. The hottest July for sure since such records were kept. They deny even though Canada is experiencing our worst wildfire season ever, Phoenix having the most consecutive 115 degrees plus days ever, Vermont experiencing a one thousand year flooding event and so on. Now the devastating fires in Maui. The right-wing response? Laura Ingraham of Fox entertainment,

“It’s hot, hot, hot, alright. After all, we’re in the middle of a season called summer.

They are in denial about mass shootings. Especially in schools. The GOP keeps saying it is video games or mental health or God not being taught in schools anything except for the fact that ‘it’s the guns stupid’ Every other country in the Western world has video games, mental health issues and schools where religion is not taught. They also have gun control. they also have no where near the per centage of gun-related deaths that the US has.

But what is really get the blood boiling these days is the denialism that Trump committed any crimes. It is the world against him. It is a deep state plot. It is anything but the fact that Trump did the deed(s). There is a Twiter video going around where a reporter is asking Trump supporters at a Trump rally if they would support him if he committed murder. the answers go from ‘yes I still would’ to ‘depends on what the reason was’.

Going to end this chirp now and take a sedative.

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