Call Bluff And Raise

Sourced from Historica Wiki website

The Georgia fake electors case involves 19 defendants, including Donald Trump. District Attorney (DA) Fani Willis stated that she wanted all 19 defendants tried together and the trial to begin within six months. State law in Georgia provides defendants withe ability to have a speedy trial. If the DA is unable to bring that trial to fruition within a fast lane process, the defendant is acquitted.

The going premise was that there was no way Willis would be ready for a speedy trial. Kenneth Chesebro requested a speedy trial. Judge Scott McAfee set a trial date of October 23, four months before Willis proposed. In setting this date, for Chesebro, McAfee stated that this trial date,

“…do not apply to any codefendants.”

Sydney Powell has also requested a speedy trial. Fani Willis sought clarification from Judge McAfee, by submitting the following to him,

“It is unclear to the State of Georgia from the text of the Order whether the Court’s intention was to sever Defendant Chesebro’s trial from the other defendants.”

Willis then added,

“…insufficient information before the Court for it to determine whether a motion to sever could be obtained by any of the Defendants.”

What Willis is saying is ‘heck yeah I am ready, and I want to try all 19 at the same time’. Willis wants an October 23 trial date for all 19 defendants, including Trump. This is the last thing Trump wants. In his ideal world, this trial would not occur until after the election. What this would mean is that Trump could be tried for this case, this year, then have the January 6 case held, next March and the documents case, next May. There is also the ‘hush money’ case scheduled to be tried, late next March.

Trump’s worst nightmare is coming to fruition.

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