How Can You?

Sourced from CNN website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

This is just a plain and simple rant. I do not understand how, at this point in time, anyone, ANYONE, can be a Trump supporter. He lies about everything. With all the indictments against him, he claims that he did nothing wrong. Most of the people he hired, including Cabinet Members state that he is a danger to the country and will not vote again. January 6 happened under his watch. Not only did it happened he wanted it to happen. He watched it on tv for 187 minutes and did nothing. He disparages the military calling those who died while serving as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ He has been a boom to the Security industry because so many people that he disparaged need security from all the death threats they have been getting. He claims that everyone around him who attack him are liars. Yesterday, we found out that he has been spreading nuclear secrets to members of his own club. Given all the other headlines yesterday, you may have missed the story that he has dropped his $500 million lawsuit against Michael Cohen. The only reason he has done this is because he found out that he would be deposed which would force him to lie under oath.

Trump is despicable, plain and simple. I have no respect for him and I have lost respect for anyone who still supports him. Have a nice Friday.

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